Philosophers are social animals. We like to share our thoughts and insights to our work - especially with other Philosophers. Here you have an opportunity to meet other academic philosophers outside your department in a relaxed atmosphere. We are all curious about each other's ideas and thoughts.

So let's get together - for another #PhiloBarCamp.

This was the 2nd PhiloBarCamp on the 8th of April 2017 in Berlin:

Further information about talks, discussions and topics are coming soon.... 

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The Concept

A BarCamp is an open conference. There is no program. Bring your own topic / questions / arguments / ... you want to discuss. 

In the first 30 minutes, we will decide which topics we want to discuss, democratically. We can arrange up to 10 sessions for the day.  

Here are the rules:

#1 Every philosopher is welcome to present their work or just join to give feedback.  

#2 A session is 45 minutes and there is a 15 minutes break between each session.

#3 One is only allowed to give two sessions in maximum. 

#4 There is no rule on how you present your topics - open discussion, reading group, giving a talk, whatever...

#PhiloBarCamp the 2nd April 2017

#PhiloBarCamp the 2nd

the 1st #Philo BarCamp 2016

#Philo BarCamp

What is a BarCamp? Check our description below or go to Wikipedia.

Organisation: Dr. Anna Kollenberg | analytic thinking